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Amy Devlin

United Kingdom

Amy originally hails from New Zealand but has been living in the UK for over twenty years. She lives and works in the Kent countryside, painting in her studio at the bottom of her garden. Amy loves recreating the physical memories of water, sunshine, and light and aims to capture in a single moment the exhilaration, the joy, the solitude or the tranquillity of being in the water as well as capturing the swimming body in motion. She explores all manner of subjects in her work but finds herself continually drawn to a connection with water, perhaps due to her upbringing near the sea in New Zealand. Although Amy works in an almost photographic manner, her intention is not to create photorealist paintings, preferring the texture of paint and brushstrokes to add to the depth of the image. She sends her work out from her studio at the bottom of her garden to private collections across the world.

Galleries Showing Amy Devlin’s Work

Artwork by Amy Devlin