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Andrea Humphries

United Kingdom

Andrea Humphries graduated from Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, with a BA Honours Degree in Illustration. She then went on to gain a PGCE from Oxford University. As a child, one of Andrea’s earliest memories is of being in her neighbour’s vegetable patch, shoulder high in huge rhubarb plants. "I loved it there, playing in the mud between leafy plants and neat, ordered rows of seedlings. That sense of happiness and inspiration I get when being in a garden has remained throughout my life. Whenever I go into the garden or an outdoor space I draw, and that feeds into my work. I spent two weeks painting on an allotment as a student. For another college reportage project, I chose to draw my landlady’s Victorian terraced garden. I now have a garden of my own to inspire me." Andrea currently lives, paints and teaches in London.

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Artwork by Andrea Humphries