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Brett Goldstar

United Kingdom

Brett Goldstar self-trained as a mural artist during the first wave of acid house parties in the late 1980's. Working for some of the largest legal and illegal event organisers in the UK, Goldstar's unique artworks became part of the visual landscape of British dance music culture. When the rave scene fragmented in the mid 90's Goldstar turned his skills to computer graphics, working freelance in London until moving to the South West of England where he refocused on his creative passion. His work brings images together that appear to contradict or oppose in the first instance, and ultimately points at a stream of darker connections, questions and similarities. Brett Goldstar has shown alongside artists such as Sir Peter Blake, Grayson Perry, Dan Baldwin and Mark Quinn and his work is held in private collections across the globe.

Galleries Showing Brett Goldstar’s Work

Artwork by Brett Goldstar