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Brian Neish

United Kingdom

Abstract Abstract (geometric)
Abstract Abstract (geometric)

Brian Neish is an English artist whose home and studio are both in Derbyshire. Brian began to develop his professional practice while studying at King Alfred’s College, Winchester where he graduated in 1985 with a First Class Honours Degree in Art & Education. He also completed a post-graduate year of study in 1990 at Dartington College of Arts in Devon. After studying, Brian worked as a Senior Lecturer in Art Education at LSU College of Higher Education and the University of Chichester until he became a full-time artist in 2010. Brian is fascinated by painted surfaces and the exploration of time and experience through the layering of paint, colour and texture. He is unswerving in his desire to express some of the actual properties inherent to oil paint as a medium in its own right, exploring the pull and push between the artist’s level of control and the paint’s intrinsic qualities. He never scrapes paint off, it’s all about the considered application of paint, one layer at a time. Each series of treatments, conducted over many months, reveals surprising and unexpected moments. Brains work has been exhibited within the UK, Europe and the USA including an exhibition in 2017 ‘Deepest Harmony’ at Ivy Brown Gallery in New York and ‘Noble Decay’ Malraux Gallery, Sarlat-la-Caneda in France.

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