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Bruce Kirby

United Kingdom


Bruce Kirby is a stonemason, sculptor and carver of stone based in Dartington, a village in Devon, England. His travels to Madagascar, Morocco, The Alps, Himalaya and throughout the UK have inspired much of his sculptural work. His sculptures have also been profoundly influenced by his background in Geology and Geophysics. Kirby trained in Architectural Masonry and carving at Weymouth College in 1998 and has worked on listed properties and new build projects throughout the UK. His honours mapping project involved six weeks wild camping at 6000 feet in the Alps. From there, he went on to work in the North Sea and Portugal. Previous to Geology, he worked building mountain footpaths in Scotland for several years. Kirby likes the sense of time that Geology gives us. He finds it reassuring and humbling as it helps put human existence into context. He currently designs and makes bespoke pieces of stonework as well as taking on restoration work.  

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Artwork by Bruce Kirby