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Catherine Warren

United Kingdom

Catherine Warren is an English artist who draws inspiration from landscapes and nature - from close to her home in Surrey, to the Dorset and Cornwall coast and as far as the Caribbean. She is particularly drawn to colour, light, and contrast and tries to produce paintings with energy, freedom, and movement. She strives to capture the essence of a ‘moment in time’, the atmosphere and experience of a certain place. Catherine works mainly in acrylics, incorporating mixed media such as chalk and oil pastels, acrylic ink and charcoal. Her paintings encompass the energy of nature alongside that of our own presence in the landscape: the marks we make (both by our presence and through manmade structures), the balance of landscape and humans, and how we sit alongside each other, and blend into each other. In 2018 Catherine was voted surrey artist of the year. Her paintings have exhibited widely through England including a solo show at New Ashgate Gallery in 2019.

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Artwork by Catherine Warren