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Colin Taylor

United Kingdom

Abstract (geometric)
Abstract (geometric)

Colin Taylor is a Manchester-based painter inspired by his love of mountains and landscapes to create interpretive works. His paintings are fundamentally ‘about’ a place but not necessarily about what is observable in the moment. They are not facsimiles, but more reflections on the ever-changing nature of time, light, mass and space. His drawings and paintings are executed rapidly, relying on instinct to capture the experience of a 20,000 ft mountain or windswept beach. For Taylor it is the narrative of landscape that occupies centre stage. In a varied career Colin Taylor has worked as a journalist, an advertising executive, a regional development officer and in the leisure industry. But it is climbing, which has seen him scale peaks in South America, Asia and Europe, and art, that have been his constant companions and passions. His work has been exhibited throughout the UK, the US and Europe.

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Artwork by Colin Taylor