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Ewa Adams

United Kingdom

Impressionist Contemporary
Impressionist Contemporary

"I paint to understand; by painting I explain the world to myself. Light, the main subject of my art, is such a fickle matter. It often takes me weeks to capture a brief moment. The landscapes I picture are not imagined. I encountered them, I walked through them. I hope I can communicate the intensity and beauty of the moment once experienced and let others see the world through my eyes."

Originally from Poland, Ewa Adams lives and works in the Hampshire area of the United Kingdom. Passionate about art since her childhood, she took drawing classes at a young age and then became interested in architecture and obtained a Masters Degree in the field. After a career in architecture she dedicated herself to oil and acrylic painting full time. Ewa's paintings offer us a contemporary take on Pointillism, a style famed for high labour intensity. Her colours are all bright and bold and her images are full of joy and optimism; she plays on light effects and seasonal changes. Her favourite subject is the forest, with dancing patches of light and shadow. She captures the beauty of the familiar world that can be found on just our doorstep.

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Artwork by Ewa Adams