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Foo Wenfeng


Impressionist Realist Expressionist
Impressionist Realist Expressionist

Foo Wenfeng is a full time artist who graduated from NAFA / Loughborough University with a BA(Hons). He paints predominantly in oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas with a disposition towards expressionistic strokes and impressionistic colours. He is most adept at manipulating the texture of pigment to depict a sense of existence within his subjects. With an obsessive interest in the physical and textural representation of things, he employs gestural strokes of varied thickness and colours in his paintings to create a sensorial experience for the viewer. He believes that a painting can communicate certain emotions and feelings that words sometimes cannot. He has participated in several group exhibitions and the Affordable Art Fair, Singapore. His inaugural solo exhibition, Dreams of the Garden City, was held in 2018, and Birdsong Rhapsody this year represented his sophomoric solo outing.

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Artwork by Foo Wenfeng