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Harriet Hoult

United Kingdom

Harriet Hoult is as self-taught, abstract artist based in London, with an instinctive approach to her work. She works mainly with acrylic on paper and also uses collage, oil pastels and watercolor. “I tend not to plan,” says Harriet. “I have an image in my head as a starting point and I make some marks in the direction of that original idea. Then I feel my way to what the next set of marks will be. It’s a moment-by-moment evolving process. I am inspired by the everyday, often random things that I see and experience in the world around me; the way the light makes a particular shape on a wall, a radio interview with someone I admire, a tree stump in the park. My work is my interpretation of these experiences onto paper. I am fascinated by aesthetics and exploring the visual interplay between form, space and colour."

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Artwork by Harriet Hoult