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Harry Bunce

United Kingdom

Harry was born in a small Hampshire village where he forged a life-long love of the English countryside. His family were builders, but having shown a talent for art, he moved west to study, graduating from Bristol with first-class honours. Following a relocation to rural Somerset he became inspired by local folklore - and drawing on influences as diverse as John Emms, Howard Hodgkin and Beatrix Potter, began painting his extraordinary anthropomorphic portraits. The characters seem to follow in comic/sporting tradition of Cecil Aldin or Harry Neilson - but on closer inspection reveal a somewhat darker side of the English rural idyll. Harry shows his work at galleries in the South West and beyond. In 2012 the first in a series of limited edition prints was produced as a means of reaching a larger audience. His work now hangs worldwide. His work with Screen One (Banksy, China Mike, Nick Walker, Sick boy) has become highly collectable. Described in various contexts as ‘bucolic street art’ and ‘Beatrix Potter meets Tarantino’, each new release of work never fails to cause a stir of excitement with Harry’s galleries and collectors.

Galleries Showing Harry Bunce’s Work

Artwork by Harry Bunce