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Heidler & Heeps

United Kingdom

Pop Art Conceptual Contemporary
Pop Art Conceptual Contemporary

"A celebration of analogue technology, which reflects the artists practice within photography."

Two independently successful photographers, Richard Heeps and Natasha Heidler, began collaborating by experimenting in their Cambridge darkroom, in reaction to the discontinuation of their favourite film. They were able to create their own dichromatic technique, due to their unique equipment - which was gathered when digital took over, leading to labs and educational institutions giving theirs away. The result is something which is neither a straightforward photograph, nor photogram. This special darkroom process they have cultivated, confounds and intrigues both art lovers and photographers alike. Since 2014 they have released the Vinyl, Stamp and Tape Collections as well as ‘Heidler & Heeps the Notaphilists’. These representations of their personal past combined with the mesmerising effects of the shapes, details and colours have joined art collections all over the world.

Galleries Showing Heidler & Heeps’s Work

Artwork by Heidler & Heeps