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Ian Phillips

United Kingdom

Ian Phillips has been working with lino for nearly thirty years. What started as a mild interest while studying for his Illustration degree has developed into a full time, and enjoyable obsession. Ian has been trying to catch the delicate sensibilities of seasonal weather and the dramatic natural compositions of Japanese prints, ever since his chance encounter with a small book of ‘Hiroshige 53 stages of the Tokaido’ woodcut. Ian’s printing process starts with a walk and a sketchbook. Following lonely trails over empty hills, he looks for a finished composition to jump out at him from the landscape. In 2001, he moved to Mid Wales to study the landscape and improve his printmaking. Since then he has been creating a sequential series of large-scale landscape and seascape linocuts. As soon as Ian works on the lino or wood the process becomes all about gouging and cutting to make marks. These marks then create a picture through the suggestions of the feel of rock or the movement of water. His aim is to build up an impression of the landscape through which he walked.

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Artwork by Ian Phillips