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Jane Wachman

United Kingdom

Jane Wachman is a self-taught artist, her work as an artist references the ever-changing outlines of the landscape. Her gestural paintings exude energy and movement and are often on a large scale. Jane’s paintings are inspired by travel. Pulling together memories of places has travelled to through mark-making. Influences as far as India and Morocco sit alongside more familiar places such as the Sussex Downs and Irish coastline. When talking of her work Janes states “My latest work brings together all that I love, from the wild colours of India and Morocco to the coastal hues of West Sussex and the Downs. My paintings are intuitive: the colours are an extension of my personality coming through however hard I try to curb them. As an artist, I reference the ever-changing outlines of the landscape and identify with shape, form and structure. I am influenced by all that I encounter, seen through a filter shaped by my love of the new and the different.”

Galleries Showing Jane Wachman’s Work

Artwork by Jane Wachman