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Janet Gough

United Kingdom


"I feel my way through a painting, it's a journey. The excitement is in not knowing where it will lead."

Janet Gough graduated from Winchester School of Art with B.A.Hons. Her strong design element is often subconsciously influenced by the years she previously worked as a successful Textile Designer. After graduating, she went on to set-up Hampshire Theatrical Wardrobe, a costume restoration and hire business for schools, colleges and theatres. She also developed her own company designing knitted textiles. These textiles became wearable art like paintings constructed of yarn and ultimately transitioned onto the canvas. Janet uses an element of collage in her artwork as she begins by painting large abstract sheets of energised pure colour. She then cuts out birds, fish, fruit, leaves, which she sees in the random brush strokes - in the past she's used string, silver leaf, beads, sweet wrappers, or whatever the work has asked her for. All these elements become interwoven and through personal interpretation, a narrative emerges, and dances like music colouring the Art of Composition in her paintings.

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Artwork by Janet Gough