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John Duffin

United Kingdom

John Duffin is one of the leading printmakers in Britain. His prints and paintings of urban environments capture the energy of modern life, focusing on great architecture and city streets. He works mainly in black ink on bright white paper resulting in dynamic contrasts between shadows and highlights. He uses etching techniques to create his limited-edition prints, which consists of drawing through hard ground wax with a sharp needle onto a copper plate, favoured for its sensitivity and subtlety. He began printmaking whilst studying BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College in London. He was drawn to printmaking by his fondness of Edward Hopper’s early prints, with his incredible use of light and shadow. Duffin then continued his creative studies and completed a Masters in Printmaking at Central St Martins College of Art. A member of Royal Society of Painter Printmakers, Duffin has shown extensively both in London and closer to home. Having spent almost equal lengths of time in a small northern town and in London, John Duffin’s work speaks of his experiences of both places, and of the struggle of man against an often-domineering urban environment. Duffin was recently awarded The Most Outstanding Print Award from Sir Peter Blake, acknowledging his individual style with his ability to create unique images of figures, architecture and contemporary urban life and its demonstration through powerful black and white etchings. He continues to produce limited edition etchings in his London print studio. 

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Artwork by John Duffin