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Julia Adams

United Kingdom

Julia Adams is a mixed media artist whose work embraces painting, printmaking and collage. Her work reflects her passion for surface quality, colour, texture, tactility and sophistication. Her inspiration comes from disparate sources but tends to gravitate towards colour and structural relationships observed in the environment, in particular on weathered paintwork, be it on a building, in a skate park or in a car mechanic’s yard. From her photographs, she extracts blocks of colour, then experiment with composition, by adding other found elements. Julia will often overlay a strong semi-abstract line drawing (applied by silkscreen), which introduces a sense of drama to the finished piece, giving bold contrast and causing an arresting visual element. These works from the body of work from the series entitled ‘Orchids’ and ‘Architectural Influences’. Julia's more recent works are more freely developed and indulge her passion for surface quality, with layers of household gloss paints and acrylic, using rollers, spray paints and pouring techniques, allowing the painting to evolve whilst also incorporating printmaking techniques. 

Galleries Showing Julia Adams’s Work

Artwork by Julia Adams