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Kate Knott

United Kingdom

Kate Knott paints beautiful and elegant paintings of a figurative nature. She lives and works in the Scottish Borders and is surrounded by the animals that inspire her work. The artist is painterly in fashion and her approach tends to be of a romantic nature. Predominantly an oil painter, Kate applies the paint in thin glazes to give an ethereal feel. She comments, “I have always painted figurative images inspired by the compositions and masterpieces of the past. However, following my work as a scenic painter and prop maker at Gifford’s Circus my interest in painting began to develop. Working in an environment full of energy, entertainment and colour I began to concentrate more on the curiosities of figures. I have always painted the gestures of individuals but now the focus is stronger and more developed. The emphasis has become about capturing moments of humour or intensity alongside likeness. The desire to paint more than just a portrait fuels my artwork.” Kate becomes entirely absorbed in the images as she makes them which results in the subjects taking on characters of their own. She has lived, worked and exhibited in the Cotswolds, the Scottish Borders and France in the years since her Fine Art degree at Falmouth College of Art and Design. 

Galleries Showing Kate Knott’s Work

Artwork by Kate Knott