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Kit Boyd

United Kingdom

Kit Boyd studied Visual Art at the University of Wales Aberystwyth 1988-91 specialising in photography and painting. His art explores our relationship with landscape and our place in nature. He works in the British romantic tradition following the path of Samuel Palmer and the neo-romantic artists Graham Sutherland, Paul Nash, John Craxton, John Minton, Keith Vaughan, & Eric Ravilious. "I identify closely with British neo-romantic artists as they found that connection in the rural idyll and refined their expression of the spirit of place. Where the Neo-Romantics were escaping from the horrors of war (or Samuel Palmer the industrial revolution), my pictures are a refuge from the frantic modern world where media and technology conspire against quietude and contemplation. While I am not against these advances, I am aware of the danger of losing touch with our environment. I believe the pastoral idyll can continue to co-exist with our advances in technology. My “Man on a laptop” images in the landscapes section are the expression of this coexistence of the new world with the pastoral and ancient." Kit now spends his time between London and the mid-Wales/Shropshire borders.

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Artwork by Kit Boyd