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Laura Williamson

United Kingdom

Laura Williamson studied ceramics and started her art career by introducing pottery workshops into schools. In 2009 she was commissioned by the National Trust to design and make a range of gift ware for their shops. She then went on to sell her work through various retail shops and stately homes across the county, and more recently she have revisited her first love – which is painting. Artist's statement: "Over the past two years I have worked hard to develop a unique pallet and brush technique. I consider my style to be a form of abstract impressionism where small brushstrokes or application with a palette knife build and structure larger surface areas. Using this technique, I am able to create dramatic, atmospheric and totally captivating pieces of art. The combination of the mediums that I use means that the painting forms a piece of art that is unique and cannot be replicated. I am inspired by my love of nature and I believe that manifests itself through my work. None of my paintings are ever area or time specific, instead my aim is for the viewer to connect personally with each composition. It is clear to me that emotion and inner energy help an artist to create certain qualities in their work and my personality is a big part of mine. I love all things natural, whether it’s a flower meadow or a single bloom, a running stream or stormy seas. Nature takes on its own unique colours and forms and I try to reflect that vibrancy and individuality in my paintings. The colours in my paintings reflect a vision of a form or scene I want to recreate; the paintings names are inspired by the finished piece".

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Artwork by Laura Williamson