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Louise Davies

United Kingdom

Expressionist Contemporary Illustrative
Expressionist Contemporary Illustrative

Louise Davies is a contemporary painter and printmaker who has been creating from a young age. Her work is concerned with landscape, colour, and line. She depicts nature and the way light and weather affect the feelings of the day, through the use of translucent colour and fluid, impromptu lines. Louise is a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. She's inspired by artists such as Rothko, with his strong use of colour to communicate a mood, and Miro with his whimsical use of lines. She works from her own studio in South East London, creating original editions that feature in galleries across the UK such as the prestigious Bankside Gallery located next to the Tate Modern. She has both U.K and international buyers and pieces featured in both public spaces and buyers’ private homes.

Galleries Showing Louise Davies’s Work

Artwork by Louise Davies