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Mark Stopforth

United Kingdom

Mark Stopforth is a contemporary British landscape painter. His work over the past twenty years has been devoted to the untamed and wild landscapes found in the Moors, Fens, Fells and Estuaries of Britain. The sublime impressions in the landscape were imprinted on him as a child, growing up in the Fens of East Anglia. These impressions are still relevant to his work today. Recently it has been the vast immersive spaces of moorland and river estuaries that have consumed his imagination and which he wishes to evoke through charcoal, pencil and oil. Mark's influences are many and varied and include the calligraphic paintings of Cy Twombly, the tonal ink paintings of Hosagawa Tohaku and the landscapes of Constable, Claude, Cottman and Turner. Mark has exhibited work around the country, most notably on a number of occasions at the RWA, Bristol. He has also been successful as a published poet being shortlisted for the Brit Writers’ Award 2012 and winning Fleeting Magazines International Best Short Writing 2010. Whilst writing is firmly on the shelf currently as he devotes his time to painting, the visual scenes created by this serious British artist speak of his poetry and the person that sees beyond the physical world.

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