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MaryAnn Loo



MaryAnn Loo (also known as PenguinGirl) is best known for whimsical paintings and illustrations of penguins who live in the sky, which symbolize possibilities and manifesting one's dreams. Since her first solo exhibition in 2013, MaryAnn has curated and organised two group exhibitions, illustrated six children's books, and exhibited in Singapore, South Korea, Bulgaria and U.S.A. In 2018, MaryAnn began "Project: 100 Dream Trees", a mission to collaborate with 100 communities around the world and create 100 Dream Tree mural installations, symbols of an ideal space where all fulfil their aspirations together, and thus create a whole new world. She has currently completed a total of eight Dream Trees in Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Singapore and Spain. MaryAnn is also a voice coach, and enjoys writing, contemplating the meaning of life, and chocolate.

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Artwork by MaryAnn Loo