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Max Garner Reidy

United Kingdom

Max Garner Reidy is a 20-year-old photographer from North West London. His work, 'Elephantis' was recently amongst those being exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.  Max comments, “The photograph of the elephant was taken whilst visiting Cape Town with my father who was filming out there. I fell in love with the wildlife in South Africa and brought home photos of elephants, rhinos, zebras, and giraffes, amongst others. I use my own unique style to bring the images to life, concentrating on those finer details that show each animals' individual beauty and character.” Recently, Max Garner Reidy was invited to be the official photographer of Watersprite, the student film festival at Cambridge University. He also covered a recent record launch for Sony Record's Country and Western section. These opportunities have allowed Max to work on film sets in the UK as well as South Africa, capturing images of many well-known faces. After his A0 piece at the Royal Academy was sold for £200, Max Garner Reidy continues to offer his unique pieces to customers up and down the country.