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Robert Barlow

United Kingdom

Robert Barlow, who has a photographic eye for the urban landscape, travels the length and breadth of the country to photograph his subjects, through the medium of digital photography, capturing the ever-changing skylines throughout recent modern times, which he translates into oil paintings of rich, colourful and virile compositions. Born in 1973, the Tamworth based artist attained a B.A Hons art and design degree at Bradford College in 1996, where he specialised in painting, and later obtained a Master of Arts degree in Print Making, in 1998. His works are typically colourful and vibrant, with rustic colours and textures set against turquoises and blues, and begin their process with pale graduated background washes, overlaid with pastel toned block colours, applied by large household brushes. Details are overlaid and textured with palette knives, and various other tools including rollers and smaller brushes. His work depicts scenes of old and new, of changing and regenerating urban skylines and waterfronts, new structures erected by cranes and old industrial landscapes, slowly disappearing , phase by phase. Scenes amongst the concrete jungle, beneath concrete flyovers, streets that have seen better days and inner cities metamorphosing into the glass and steel icons of today.

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Artwork by Robert Barlow