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Shelley Dyer-Gibbins

United Kingdom

Figurative Pop Art
Figurative Pop Art

Shelley Dyer-Gibbins is a UK artist based in Somerset. She studied a Bachelor of Honours Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Exeter College of Art and Design. Since graduating she has worked in the design industry, with more than 20 years of experience. She has worked with clients such as Yo! Sushi, Usborne, Audi, Porsche, and Lloyds. All of Shelley’s prints are handmade, making each piece totally unique. She only produces a small number of original prints and uses a block method as it allows for more experimentation. It was after Shelley’s father passed away that she discovered his old carving tools, some of which were for lino. She began to experiment with cuts; mark-making and being self-taught in this craft, she produced 'Magpies' which was sold to The Atkinson Gallery for their private Collection in 2017. Shortly afterward, she won the 21st NOA's Original Print Prize with Cinegirl, the biggest open Art Competition in the UK with over 4000 entrants. The winning entry was exhibited at The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower, Wharf and as a grand finale, exhibited at the critically acclaimed Pallant House Gallery, home to one of the best collections of Modern British Art in the UK.

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Artwork by Shelley Dyer-Gibbins