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Simon Ledson

United Kingdom

Abstract Expressionist Contemporary
Abstract Expressionist Contemporary

Simon Ledson was born in England and spent most of his childhood in African countries. He came back to the United Kingdom to study Fine Arts, design and illustration. He now lives and works in Somerset. Influenced by his memories from Africa, the artist became interested in body language and emotional behaviour, their interaction and distortion. He is a fan of surfing, therefore ocean is a recurring theme. Simon studies the way the rhythm of the ocean joins in with the body in an effort to reproduce it in his works. For him, this is a new experience which he likes to share with the spectators who are stuck in a world where one questions space and time. Since 1985, he has been working as a full time artist, as well as a curator and interior/graphic design consultant. In the past decade, he has secured solo and group exhibitions all across the United Kingdom.

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Battersea Spring
Battersea, London - Spring: 10 - 13 March 2022
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