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Simon Tozer

United Kingdom

Simon Tozer screen prints draw on influences from popular art and children’s illustration. His work is often humorous. His work is often humorous. He tries to illustrate human desire and fear, our strengths and frailty, often through the representation of animals but also through machines, cars and ships.  "I find that making pictures is rarely straightforward. It is a process of reaching for thoughts and feelings that sit at the back of the mind. Most of my pictures are created as screen prints. In screen printing, each picture is created in layers as a series of separate drawings onto film. The layers are then transferred onto the screen using a chemical process, which is then hand printed as a stencil one colour at a time. Like other traditional print techniques, the process affects how the image is conceived, and encourages a way of working that is economical in form and colour.

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Artwork by Simon Tozer