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Sophie Harden

United Kingdom

Sophie Harden grew up in rural Shropshire surrounded by all walks of animal life. Sophie has always had a passion for animals and the countryside inspiring her subject in her art and paintings. Having done university and the London stint, Sophie made the bold move to set up on her own as an artist. Now settled in the county of Oxfordshire, Sophie creates her art from a local studio surrounded by wildlife, from the hares living in the garden to the racehorses on the farm. As a self-taught artist, Sophie works with a range of methods from quick chalk sketches, to fun vibrant oil paintings, down to detailed pastel portraits. Sophie has worked on a number of animal portraits, capturing the character and detail of each animal subject and delivers the full service for personalised commissions including photography and framing.

Galleries Showing Sophie Harden’s Work

Artwork by Sophie Harden