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Tim Southall

United Kingdom

Figurative Expressionist Contemporary Illustrative
Figurative Expressionist Contemporary Illustrative

With a coastal/rural environment for inspiration, and an enjoyment of wit and narrative, my work covers a broad spectrum. I play with composition, colour, and in my monochrome work, exploit the subtle tones between stark white and black. Permeating my work is a delicacy and lightness of touch, along with an eye for detail and nuance that comes from many years spent as a practicing artist.

Tim Southall studied Fine Art at Northumbria University and then printmaking at the Royal College of Art and l’école des beaux art, Paris. He splits his time between London and his house and studio in the Cadiz, southern Spain. Tim is a figurative artist best known for his delicate handling of etching and monotype, and bold use of silkscreen print. He is a Director of Arc Fine Arts.

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