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Ursula Kellett

United Kingdom


Ursula trained at the Byam Shaw School of Fine Art from 1993 to 1997, before getting a MA in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School. She has been collecting materials to use in her paintings during years of travel, from soil from the Ecuadorian jungle, to sand from the Kalahari desert. Since 2000 her work has been shown at various galleries and art fairs in London and the UK, as well as New York and Japan, as well as in private collections in France, Germany, around the UK and USA. Artist's statement: "In my paintings I strive to anchor this idea into an image, using contrasting materials which represent the two fundamental opposites of our modern world: the natural and the man-made. Sand, earth and raw pigment represent the natural world; car and household paints, varnishes, newspaper cuttings and prints symbolize the man-made. Much of my work draws on the ancient tradition of patchwork, a female art form which successfully pulls together the ideas of contrasts and opposites. Where women around the world use pieces of fabric and materials to create these artworks, I rely on earths and paints collected on my travels, which, like fabrics, interact to form a whole. I am similarly intrigued by weavings, where the warp and the weft create contrasts and interactions; separate, opposite parts interlace to create a uniform whole."

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Artwork by Ursula Kellett