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Will Cooper

United Kingdom


Based in London, UK, Will Cooper has exhibited nationally and internationally as a solo artist. He has worked with clients including Ted Baker, Royal Mail and Interflora. His work is definitely fun, probably frivolous and almost certainly flirts with your senses! Will says - ”I use cameras to take photos. But not always very serious photos so it’s better to call them ‘photatoes’. I sometimes use a medium format traditional film camera. This is worth mentioning for some reason. I make photatoes that reflect pop culture, surreal moments, the daft and sometimes really deeeeep art stuff with bizarre references. I like the overlap of commercial and personal work and how context can completely transform a photograph. Just put it in a gallery and make it art. I start the creative process not by thinking ‘how can I make a work of art’. Rather, I’ll think of or come across something that just needs to be photographed. It could be a little social moment I want to play with or a bigger idea. Maybe it’s been there for years just waiting to be turned into a photato. You don’t have to look at my work with a deep and serious gallery-visit face whispering to the person beside you because saying it too loudly might risk someone overhearing and thinking you’re a philistine. You’re allowed to laugh"

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Artwork by Will Cooper