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Zaim Durulaman


Abstract Realist
Abstract Realist

I am an artist and live like an artist.

Born 1966. I started to sketch comics for personal collection during my secondary school years. My passion for painting and becoming an illustrator had me enrolled at Institute Technology MARA, Malaysia (now UiTM) 1984-1988, majoring in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, I worked as a graphic designer for two years before becoming a full-time freelance illustrator. It was not after 1996 that I began my illustrious career in fine arts, won several painting competitions. With four successful solo exhibitions, I also participated in group exhibitions locally and abroad, often invited to the symposium as a colony artist with a short residency in Macedonia, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Turkey and so on. In 2013, I went to pursue Master Degree in Fine Arts Technology at UiTM. Furthermore, fine arts students often use my works as a reference. Currently, I work as a lecturer at Universiti Selangor (UNISEL), Malaysia.

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Artwork by Zaim Durulaman