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Liberty Gallery

United Kingdom

After working in the art world for over 15 years, Patsy Dixon established Liberty Gallery in 2006. Alongside the ‘fresh, modern, and quite frankly, cool art’ the UK-based gallery shows, Patsy has created a strong identity and reputation for showing the absolute best in contemporary collage today and exhibits extensively throughout the UK and Europe, venturing into the North American market in 2017. Drawing from the great pop-artists of the 60's, the Liberty Gallery artists' art style focuses heavily on popular culture creating imagery deriving from visual pleasures such as Hollywood movies, television, magazines and takes this focus further into the surreal world of dreams and imagination. Presenting a strong, cohesive and eye catching collection, Liberty Gallery has a reputation for being a friendly and approachable gallery showing a fresh and modern style appealing to established and new collectors today, in both the private and corporate markets.

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Battersea Spring
Battersea, London - Spring: 10 - 13 March 2022
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Brussels: 23 - 27 March 2022
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Stockholm: 20 - 24 April 2022
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Hampstead, London: 04 - 08 May 2022
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