Anya ( Collage Print )
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Anya ( Collage Print ) Anya ( Collage Print )

Anya ( Collage Print )

Prints medium: Archival ink print

Edition of 150 (3 available)

Gallery: Liberty Gallery

Ships from: United Kingdom

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About the artwork
Anya Mini Print (Audrey Hepburn)

Archival pigment inks on Minuet paper with torn edges.

Signed and numbered limited edition of 150


Medium Archival ink print
Support Paper
Original or Edition? Edition of 150

About Maria Rivans

Maria Rivans’s eye-popping collages explore the idea of existing alternate realities and fantastical other worlds which transport us into a surreal and exciting universe. By appropriating an array of sourced vintage ephemera, Maria seeks to overwhelm us with her compositions by combining vivid and seductive colours with powerful and often humorous imagery.

Best known for her intricate surreal landscapes, pin-up portraits and 3D boxed works, the viewer often experiences a visual and sensory overload from the hundreds of carefully cut-out found elements culled from her huge collection of vintage paraphernalia.

Influenced by the extraordinary colours of Hitchcock films shown in Technicolor and sci-fi TV shows such as Land of the Giants and Planet of the Apes, these heroes from the past have been altered by combining and blending other found imagery scavenged from different eras, thus inviting the viewer into her strange and peculiar world. Rivans’s collages have a firm running theme of vintage Hollywood films, B Movies and TV trash. The screenplays of vintage films like The Birds, Mildred Pierce and Planet of the Apes have been rewritten and reinvented, resulting in newly collaged screen plots which intertwine throughout her body of work, spinning bizarre and dreamlike tales.

The Pin-up series has been evolving rapidly. Each individual movie star develops their own firm identity, as if they were a solid memorable character starring in one of Rivans’s invented scripts. These leading ladies have been highly influenced by strong female actors like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford who made a huge impression on Rivans when she was a child. The Pin-up characters hold qualities of women who are particularly empowered and have often been named after famous women explorers and inventors.

In 2020 her book ‘Extraordinary Things To Cut and Collage’ was published by top UK art book publishers Laurence King.