High Desert
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High Desert

Prints medium: Mixed-media


Edition of 7 (3 available)

Gallery: TAG Fine Arts

Ships from: United Kingdom

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About the artwork
Lawrie Hutcheon | High Desert | 2018 | 67 cm diameter | Autostereoscopic lens. Signed and editioned by the artist. Edition of 7.


Medium Mixed-media
Framed? Yes
Frame Type
Subjects Abstract,
Style Abstract
Original or Edition? Edition of 7
Certificate of Authenticity No
Artwork Dimensions: 67 X 67 X 5 X cm

About Lawrie Hutcheon

Lawrie Hutcheon is a self-taught artist currently working on semi-abstracted representations of the metaphysical… particularly time, space and scale. He is studying neuroscience to better understand how the eye works, as well as exploring how the brain processes visual information in it’s attempt to understand it’s surroundings. Based on these understandings, Hutcheon aims to develop his own techniques to simulate emotion and thought.

After many years of working three-dimensionally with handbuilt and wheel thrown/altered ceramics forms, Hutcheon has recently changed his practice to focus on painting:

‘I think it would be fair to say that colour has hit me like a train, I am sometimes reminded of an interview I watched with David Hockney when he described the impact of the Californian light and colour he experienced after moving there from an often overcast and grey Northern England. Colours and their relationship to each other is currently a major focus of my current work. ’ Lawrie’s current practice also carries forward some of the work and ideas he developed during his years experimenting with asymmetric ceramic forms, this is now expressed in both the images he produces and sometimes through the use of unique polygonal, asymmetric frames he designs and makes… more of which, we are sure will follow.