You Are Beautiful 2
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You Are Beautiful 2

Painting medium: Mixed-media



Gallery: Utterly Art

Ships from: Singapore

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About the artwork
Gabby Malpas' joyful and chaotic assemblages of blooms and fauna displayed with a collection of ceramics from anywhere and everywhere are based on her experiences wandering as a trans-racial, Asian adoptee. Gabby first learnt about Peranakan culture (local-born Chinese and Indians who had assimilated into the indigenous Malay culture) on her first visit to Singapore in 1988 and has been interested in their history ever since. She inherits the incredibly ornate and crowded Peranakan aesthetic of bright and clashing colours."We can be made to feel ‘less than’ if we don’t fit the media stereotype of body size, race or sexuality.This is a lavish and unashamedly beautiful image as a gentle reminder to challenge those notions and stand tall because: no one size fits all."


Medium Mixed-media
Support Canvas
Framed? Yes
Frame Type
Subjects Floral,
Style Realist
Original or Edition? Original
Certificate of Authenticity Yes
Artwork Dimensions: 84 X 59 X 4 X cm

About Gabby Malpas

Gabby Malpas was born in 1966 in Auckland, New Zealand and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia where she exhibits, teaches watercolour and supports young artists.

Adopted as a baby, Gabby realised only much later that she was Chinese and not “white” like the other members of her adoptive family. Very early, her adoptive parents encouraged her to draw. She studied ceramics at the Otago Polytechnic School of Fine Art, graduating in 1986.

After her studies, Gabby Malpas switched media and turned to ink, watercolour and paper, a support for her art that is much easier to carry around on her many travels, in particular to Southeast Asia. From 1989 to 2003 she lived in the United Kingdom. She has exhibited her work regularly since 1987, but it was only as of 2004 that her dream came true and she became a full-time artist. At that time, she decided to find her biological mother and their reunion significantly influenced her work as an artist as well as her lifestyle. She is fascinated by the merging and abundance of oriental and western elements in the Peranakan culture. Peranakans are the descendants of the first Chinese immigrants who settled in the British colonies of Malacca, Penang and Singapore. Her works reflect multicultural influences that may seem discordant to purists; she is unconsciously defying stereotypes.